Opportunity Ownership Ours

Our Story

The CTA seeks to remove barriers so that local economic development can occur through local inclusion and local investments, to develop sustainable community-based tourism activities that ensure the social and cultural authenticity is maintained.

The agency improves access and affordability for financing and develops incentives that will stimulate investment in small tourism businesses. The agency will also provide critical business operation support, targeted training and administer measures to encourage the adoption of brand, safety and quality standards which has international appeal for the continued growth of those businesses. 

Our Purpose

Our communities possess the most authentic Saint Lucian experiences. Within these communities are our most valuable asset– the people. They are the keepers of Saint Lucia’s treasures, offering visitors a chance to discover our heritage, tradition and culture. Human-centered, these experiences are real and full of feeling, leaving a deep connection with our people and places.

At the core of the Community Tourism Agency (CTA), is the belief in people and community. We believe in diverse minds working together to positively impact the lives and environment around them. It’s about working alongside local people within communities uncovering their unique offerings the world needs to see and experience, creating opportunities, and growing businesses that results in livelihoods for all.

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