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We are a tourism development agency legislated by government discovering unique offerings, creating opportunities, and growing tourism businesses and tours that result in sustained livelihoods for all involved. We specialize in:





Who Benefits?


Small Enterprises


At the Community Tourism Agency (CTA), we’re committed to advancing four key pillars of our tourism product: Adventure, Tours, Cuisine & Accommodation. As a collaborative partner for local entrepreneurs and communities, we understand that today’s travelers seek authentic, one-of-a-kind experiences. Whether it’s connecting with locals at bars, exploring nature trails, indulging in Saint Lucian cuisine, or experiencing intimate accommodations, we amplify investments in Adventure, Tours, Cuisine & Accommodation to enrich the overall visitor experience.


Have you always dreamt of creating a unique tourism experience in your community?



Are you passionate about sharing unique cultural experiences with visitors?

Do you have a talent or skill you want to showcase to enrich the visitor experience?

Are you eager to lead guided tours or immersive activities that highlight the rich heritage and traditions of Saint Lucia?

Our communities hold the key to the most authentic Saint Lucian experiences, brimming with off-trail adventures, secret hideaways, and historical explorations that capture the essence of our culture.


Do you own a vibrant restaurant or bar that you would like to enhance or upgrade?

Are you passionate about sharing the vibrant flavors and cultural heritage of Saint Lucian cuisine with others? The most authentic Saint Lucian experiences are often found in our communities, offering hidden gems, off-trail adventures, and historic explorations filled with real emotions and cultural richness.


Do you own a property and need operational or marketing support?

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