The Community Tourism Agency Launches

Bon Vivant Chateau

The Community Tourism Agency (CTA) has reached another important milestone in its mission to empower Saint Lucians in the tourism industry. With the support of the CTA, Perle Alcindor has become the proud owner of Bon Vivant Chateau, a smart BnB property, marking a significant step forward in community-driven tourism. The property’s grand opening ceremony, held on Friday, May 31, 2024, signaled the start of a new chapter in Alcindor’s journey as a hospitality entrepreneur.

Alcindor, an experienced public servant, praised the CTA for its crucial role in turning her vision into reality. With the property already receiving positive feedback, she sees great potential for it to become a top destination for visitors seeking an authentic Saint Lucian experience. “The idea behind the property is to provide guests with a peaceful place to experience the serene beauty of Saint Lucia,” Alcindor explained. “The partnership between Bon Vivant and the CTA has been essential in making this dream a reality. Our collaboration has grown beyond business, it’s become a true friendship.”

She described the property’s impressive features, highlighting Alexa, the intelligent virtual assistant, as the heart of the home, effortlessly controlling the lights with a simple voice command. The smart toilets, equipped with motion sensors and self-cleaning capabilities, add a touch of luxury and hygiene. A comprehensive security system, complete with smart locks and cameras, provides peace of mind for guests. Motion sensor lights, a fully equipped kitchen, and a robotic vacuum further enhance the convenience and efficiency of the space, among other advanced features.

Dahlia Guard, Chief Executive Officer of the Community Tourism Agency, expressed delight at the expanding reach of the programme. She believes Alcindor’s venture will not only boost the Balata community’s profile but also increase demand for local hospitality services. “From the moment the idea was proposed, there was excitement within our business development unit,” Guard said. “After visiting Perle’s property, it became evident that her vision closely aligned with ours. She went through the Partnership Services Department where she got assistance with all necessary public liability requirements.”

The CTA remains committed to breaking down barriers that prevent Saint Lucians from owning and participating in the tourism sector. Through initiatives like Alcindor’s BnB, the agency promotes inclusive tourism, empowering individuals to shape their communities while contributing to the island’s economy. As Saint Lucia’s tourism landscape evolves, the CTA continues to support local entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

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