ATV Xperience

Jamal Cyril, the visionary behind ATV Xperience, stands at the forefront of a new era in adventure tourism. His story exemplifies the tangible impact of the Community Tourism Agency’s (CTA) commitment to turning dreams into reality and fostering sustainable tourism practices across Saint Lucia.

Jamal’s journey began with a mission to create a unique adventure experience showcasing the natural beauty and cultural richness of the remote northern reaches of the island. Coming from a community where such aspirations often seemed out of reach, he harbored a deep passion for the tourism industry and ultimately decided to make a difference. After initially engaging with the CTA, Jamal dedicated himself to turning his vision into reality. Months of careful deliberation, planning, and execution culminated in the successful launch of the ATV Xperience, representing a significant milestone not only for Jamal and the CTA but also for Saint Lucia’s evolving tourism landscape.

Jamal has underscored the pivotal role played by CTA in every aspect of his venture, stating, “From the initial business planning to securing funding, public liability insurance, global standardization, and providing crucial training for myself and my team, the agency’s comprehensive support has been instrumental in realizing my dream.” Furthermore, he highlighted the CTA’s emphasis on sustainable practices, guiding ATV Xperience towards environmentally responsible operations that align with Saint Lucia’s commitment to conservation and community engagement.

The ATV Xperience began as a mere vision but has since blossomed into a thriving business, enriching both visitors’ experiences and the local economy. As Saint Lucia embraces innovative tourism ventures, Jamal Cyril stands as a beacon of inspiration—an embodiment of success achieved through collaboration, dedication, and the support of the Community Tourism Agency.

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